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  1. How to become a healthy business leader in five simple steps
  2. How to lose weight + boost immunity
  3. How to improve sleep and skyrocket your energy

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You're fully dedicated to achieving business success and have been relentlessly focused on it for as long as you can remember.

Your busy schedule, consumed by business, leaves you with little time to rest. You struggle with poor sleep, excessive travel, and rely on alcohol and food to unwind.
You feel guilty when spending time with your family because exhaustion leaves you unable to be fully present, often opting to relax on the couch or catch up on emails instead.
You've gained weight, which is evident by how your favourite clothes no longer fit, and your belly seems to expand each time you see yourself in the mirror. You're too scared to check the scale to know the exact amount.
Your body constantly feels inflamed, and your back always aches. You are tired of feeling tired but don’t know where to turn for support that works!?
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A six-week online guaranteed results coaching programme built for business leaders

For business leaders that demand the best results as fast as possible, with as little impact on their busy schedules

Take the first step toward losing weight

Once you have applied, Cameron will be in touch to ask some simple questions about your goals and struggles so that we understand exactly how to build you a programme that gets results fast.


Transform Your Body, your health and your confidence with TRUTH Fitness®️.

Get ready for real results with our comprehensive, user-friendly system. Our expert team provides the tools and resources to track progress, stay motivated, and reach your fitness goals in six weeks. Join us now and experience the TRUTH Fitness®️ difference


Expert consultation

Allowing us to understand your needs and overcome challenges.


A tailored programme

That feels manageable but challenges you enough to build momentum.


Coaching calls

The head coach is here to guide and support you every step of the way.



Ensuring you stay on track as long as you need to hit your goals.


Access to the TRUTH Fitness®️ team

This offers the ultimate level of flexibility so that nothing stops your results


Online system

This means that travel, events and hotel stays are never an issue

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Rapid, Sustainable Results for Business Owners and Senior Executives

As a Founder and CEO of 2 companies, when I first reached out to Cameron and his team at TRUTH, I was dubious about how I would fit the Rapid Result System into my very busy daily schedule. I'm pleased to say that my concerns were unfounded. The team were excellent and flexible, and the coaching worked around my diary. As a result, I feel much healthier and fitter than I have been in the past 25 years, so a big thank you to the TRUTH team, and long may it continue.
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Mark Balaam
CEO and Founder Sarax and Imabi

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Property Developer

Lost 7 Kilos



Dropped 6% body fat and three belt notches


Senior Solicitor

Lost 11 Kilos and went on to lose 22 Kilos


Business Owner

Lost 20.6 Kilos


C Suite Executive

Lost 9 Kilos and 10cm off of belly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am out of shape and I haven't exercised for years, am I going to be able to do the programme?

Q2. I am always traveling with work, can I get results with your system?

Q3. I have tried lots of programmes before but nothing has worked, how do I know this will?

Q4. Is your programme 121?